The New York Cow Pow Wow. Dairy Cows go on a milk strike and have a Cow Pow Wow in Central Park.
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Millions of dairy Cows all aroud the world walk off the job and go on a milk strike. It becomes a world crisis - no milk mustaches, cheese pizza or ice cream! Mayor Meece Mouse decides to host the first ever Cow Pow Wow in New York City in hopes of ending the milk strike. Herds of dairy cows travel to Central Park from over 220 cow nations. They arrive in New York by air, land and sea.
This educatonal and entertaining children's book by local New York artist Kip Cosson features over 801 cows and characters. Along with the beautifully detailed illustrations, the book has a positive message for children of all ages: SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD like the dairy cows in this book. 

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The New York Cow Pow Wow

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