New York Children's alphabet book, New York City - A to Z
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Take an A to Z tour around New York City with Ned Penguin & Meece Mouse!
Besides learning the alphabet, the book will teach children how to count to 10
as they visit many of the great sights throughout the city with their friends.

Award Winning artist Kip Cosson has let his imagination run freely throughout
all five boroughs of New York City. Over 275 characters have been created for this
educational book filled with colorful arwork. The book will also teach children
the beauty of living in a community with many unique individuals and groups.

The book won best children's book at the 2015 New York Book Festival.
It was also a finalist in Children's Picture Book at the 2015 Indi Book Awards.
Again finalist in Children's Educational book at the International Book Awards.

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New York City - A to Z

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