New York Children's Book, Ned Visits New York is about a penguin who goes to New York on an iceberg. The adventure and fun begins the moment he arrives NYC.
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Ned Penguin of the South Pole needs a vacation and very soon! He hops on the next iceberg to New York City to visit his pen pal, Meece Mouse. The excitement begins the moment he sees the tall, green lady in the harbor. With native New Yorker Meece as his guide, there can only be fun and adventure ahead. Ned experiences his first taxi ride while being mesmerized by the bright lights of Times Square. He is captivated by the amazing skyline as he walks across the Brooklyn Bridge. The whimsical art and bright, colorful pages created by Award Winning local artist, Kip Cosson, make this book a wonderful children's guide to the many great sights New York has to offer.

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Ned Visits New York

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