A Meece Mouse runs for Mayor of New York City
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Can a mouse be Mayor of New York City? Meece Mouse seems to think so! A phone call to the South Pole has his best friend, Ned Penguin, on the next Blue Whale Express to New York. EVERYONE knows that penguins make great Campaign Managers. Before your can say "Meece for Mayor" he's been to all five boroughs: A speech at the intrepid Museum, a meeting with a community of birds, and visit to the Purple Bug Society. The diversity and culture that make New York one of the great cities of the world can be seen by award winning writer/artist, Kip Cosson, with his more than 150 characters throughout the pages of this book. The humor and bright colorful art will entertain children, as well as adults. Each book comes signed by Kip along with message to the child.

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Meece for Mayor of New York City

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